Cheer Tumbling involves specialized training for cheerleaders integrating drills on trampoline, tumble track, and spring floor to maximize skills and physical strength.

The Advanced Program (Jaguars) is designed for children ages 6-13 who have obtained mastery in their skills and who are ready for higher-level training.

The Intermediate Program (Mini Jags) builds upon the foundational skills as children (Ages 6-13) progress in their gymnastic programs and training routines.

The Beginner Program (Mini-Jags)
is an ideal entry point to begin gymnastics in a safe and fun manner. Designed to build strength and coordination, this program introduces the basic skills of gymnastics.

The Pre-School Program (Cubs)
lesson plans teach children basic motor skills and the fun of interacting with others. Children develop flexibility, self-confidence, and discipline.

The Mommy & Me program (Kittens Program) allows a child to feel the bonding and security of a parent while developing self-awareness and body control.